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September News Letter

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

We are absolutely thrilled this month to have started working on another single! This we hope to release, all going well in November this year!

We hope to send an early song sample to some of you on our mailing list, so please let us know if you are interested in being the first batch to hear a pre-release version of the new song! We are very excited about the upcoming song and have titled it "Give you my heart”. Use the form on the link below.

What’s coming soon:

We have been planning a few things, and one of them is a live recording with a small live audience! BR has always stated; "a live performace filmed captures emotions" so we are excited to be in the planning stages for this! Recording will take place in a location in Surrey or Hampshire, and you on the mailing list will be first to know when recorded!

Real song writing:

Our song writing event which hasn’t happened in a couple of years due to lockdown is back! An intimate space for songwriters and/or aspiring songwriters to come together, share experiences, network around a snack and some hot drinks! This event is open to everyone but we have a max capacity as we like to keep the event cosy and intimate, we will be holding this event first week of December. Interested in being a part of this? email us at!


“I’ve often thought about collaborating with another musician, well, it may be happening now,” said BR. Keep your eyes on future mailing lists for more information!

Final words from BR

“As things begin to open up, I am hoping that we choose life over fear! Lets make each moment count, every word, every hand shake, every hug. Until next time”

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