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I've been captivated by something, that is why I do what I do.... BR James.

We thought we'd write to you about the person behind the music this time!

We asked BR some questions so that you can get to know him a little better, we hope you enjoy reading!

Question; What made you decide to be a musician

BR James' Answer: Well, I'm not sure I want to be called a musician as that is one part of my life, but, I always wished I could sing...From when I was very young, I just never thought I was good enough. As a grown man, my life, has moved in a direction where music is opening up doors for me to convey my convictions.... As long as the doors stay open, I'll keep singing.

Question: What is most important to you about your music Journey

BR James' Answer: Everything.... Although I enjoy performing live, I have come to realize that everything from the conception of a song, idea, to writing is important.

Question: What does BR stand for?

BR James' Answer: You'll have to find out at a live show, come to a live show!

Question: We hear many influences in your sound, what/who are your main influences?

BR James' Answer: Life itself is a big inspiration, I have massive gospel influence, Motown, Soul.... My mum listened to Joan Armatrading, Boney M etc, I also get a lot of inspiration from taking walks, observing my surroundings etc...

Question: What should we expect from you in the next two years

BR James' Answer: I've just finished recording an Album, so that will be released. Lots of live creative workshops, A couple of shows abroad, a UK tour and more.

Question: How do you keep being so optimistic?

BR James' Answer: Well, truthfully.... I believe in purpose, I believe in the journey of life. I believe that no person can hinder my destiny but me, I believe if one door shuts, another opens and I believe life is short and the only way to make it count is to be life to others, meaning help others see their life is worth living..

Question: Final Words?

BR James' Answer: Keep your head up, It is possible, just take one step at a time and lets see you at a show soon.!

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