Updated: Jun 1, 2021

The Story Behind the Song

"I remember 'feeling' the song", that's a statement BR has made a few times. "I felt the song before i knew its words". he said speaking about I'll be that Friend.

"I sat by my Yamaha piano and played the chords and.... The Chorus came. "I felt the words; 'A one that holds you... A one that loves you'".

The writing process took over a year, "I wanted to express and explore friendship, friendship with no agenda, friendship in-spite of status, friendship, not because of what one can get...." Said BR. .

BR at one time thought about co-writing, having another artist sing a verse, after multiple conversations, he decided to make this a solo project. Eventually, he felt the song was ready to be recorded!

"After laying the instruments, I thought it'd be best to record at the right location", "I wanted a warm feel, I also wanted to capture the live emotions whilst vocals where being recorded"

BR reached out to Louis Sellers at Anton Studios and a session was booked in.

Due to the COVID restrictions, Louis had a bespoke set up created for the recording which went very smoothly.

"We wanted a video that would rightly reflect the song" And though BR had written out an initial story board, all that had to change due to the restrictions at the time.

"I'm pleased with the project as a whole, and really looking forward to sharing the whole song with everyone!" said BR

I'd like to say a special thank you to Zena Deakin for her very warm backing vocals, Jody Rule, for initial brainstorm on the song, Bryony, Anton Studios and the team that have helped bring this idea to life

The song is available on YouTube and All streaming platforms.

If you'd rather mp3 files, you can download mp3 on: Amazon Music

To listen to the full song on YouTube, just click on this link.

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