We've had a very exciting June so far! With the release of BR's new song "I'll be that friend", to booking confirmations for 2021 live shows, we've had a very positive month. We will also be attending our first in-person event this month! All going in the right direction and we hope that's been the same for you too. With all of that said, we thought it was a good idea to re-live the experience of our favourtie gig before lockdown as well as share some recent comments made about or newest release!

A memorable time it was, and that was our experience playing the lovely Pizza Express Live, High Holborn! A sought after venue and having famous names having already played there made it all the more special.

It was also a BR James headline show! Uptimism in the air, but the nerves could be felt. Ticket holders travelled from within and outside London to see llittle us!

Walking into our dressing room, BR, along side Johnny, Rob, Zena an Sarah-Jayne all seemed excited. We looked at the signature filled wall I mean it was impressive, to see all the signatures which would have included those of celebrities who had played this lovely venue.

"I remeber looking for a pen to sign the wall" said BR, "and then it was the sound check. All seemed to happen very quick" he continued. Multiple run throughs as you'd expect. You think about what high standards of musicianship that have played before you, we rehearsed and rehearsed and to be honest, you never feel you are ready, but we heard..... "A queue has started to form", "delegates are starting to arrive". We all rushed into the dressing room, peeking out to see the size of the crowd.

Nerves then begin to build. We did not have a support act for this event so decided that BR played the first few songs of each set by himself on the mini grand that was on stage and the rest.... was history. It was very memorable at the end of our set, BR and the band walked from table to table talking with the attendees, thanking them for attending.

For us, this was one of our best events that year.

Will we play this venue again? For sure yes! In fact, we were booked to the following year, then the pandemic hit. If you missed the event, we'd love to see you the next time we play there! Here's a YouTube snippet of the event here

Carrying on, "I'll be that friend" has been well received.

We are absolutely pleased with the feedback and comments that have come from listeners. Comments Include "Excellent, enjoyed it", "Wow that's so sweet and... lovely voice". To list all of the feedback on here would be ludicrus but we'd love to say thanks you for all the support and engagement.

We also got some very kind reviews from Soul tracks and Info Music france

Along side thanking you for your support, we'd like to thank you all for your love for music. If you haven't already listened to the full song, as well as it being available on Streaming platforms, you can watch video on YouTube via this link


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