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An accomplished Communicator, Pianist, Songwriter and Singer. BR has written and recorded two albums. With multiple tours at reputable venues, lots of radio presenters and bloggers saying positive things about him!

"I started performing professionally in 2012" BR said, "but I've been playing piano since i was very little" he went on the say with a smile on his face.

"The crowd cheer, the radio plays and award nomination, all of these are great but that's not why i do what i do. I do it because I've been affected positively and changed and would really want others to experience the same. Music has played a big part in that change"

With multiple radio plays and Interviews with local, regional and National radio stations, BR believes music can "cause emotional stirs beyond just words".

BR also founded Innovative and Unique , a non for profit that gives a voice to unsigned and signed artists alike.


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