BR JAMES redefines musicianship, with his ever so-heartfelt performances, he is absolutely thrilled to be playing "Lock down live" hosted by the amazing Sylvie Blackmore.

With a set-list of three carefully chosen songs, BR will be sat by his piano, streaming live to the audiences of Sussex and Surrey, taking each one on a journey of encouragement and story telling, 

Songs to be performed are:

Keep Moving: "Written at home by my house piano" BR James says, this song has proved relevant all through lock down, encouraging listeners

Life on the Edge: This song was released originally with a full band as part of a 2017 album "You and Me on a Mission" by BR James, BR will be playing a stripped back version of this catchy song

The Friend I never Had: This is one of BR James' most known songs, inspired by a season of homelessness in his life. the song has been described as "Emotional", with reviews by Trinity Mirror and Soul Tracks. 

Tune in on 104.5, 104.8 & 95.0–95.3 FM and on DAB for BBC radio Sussex and 104 and 104.6 FM, and on DAB for BBC radio Surrey. Taking place on Sunday the 2nd of May, 2021, 5:30 - 6pm (UK time). You can also listen live via the internet on BBC Sussex's website, as well as BBC Surrey's.

You find out more about BR James at